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  • Qualia Magazine
    Editorial Design
  • Editorial design for Qualia magazine, featuring articles related to sensory deficiencies. Qualia are subjective, perceptual experiences, such as seeing red, smelling a rose, or feeling pain. They cannot be communicated by any means other than direct experience; everyone has their own subjective lens through which they see the world.

    The magazine content relates to perception and the senses. Scholarly research and individual experiences are presented in a clear and approachable manner. The design responds to the content, providing context and helping readers get a sense of how a person with unique sensory deficiencies might perceive the world.

    Course: Editorial Design
    Instructor: Annie Huang-Luck
    Photographed By: Andrew Dale
  • The "Non Sense" issue features topics related to the senses, such as monochromacy, synesthesia, and "ear worms."
  • This article, about a rare form of colorbindness, has intentionally subtle tone variations between the type and ground, giving the reader a sense of how someone with rod monochromacy might perceive the world.
  • This article describes an experiment performed by a neurologist on a man with taste-shape synesthesia. I chose a style of illustration utilized in scientific and medical journals to visualize the shapes the subject feels when he tastes things.