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    Poster for UN Competition Inspiring to Preserve Water
The following poster was designed for the competition held by UN to drag attention to the problem of clean water on Earth. Official website of the competition: www.dropbydrop.eu. 

Over 3500 works were participating in this competition. But the competition is not over yet. Good luck!)

While discussing my work(the following poster) with colleagues and friends I faced up with different opinions concerning my poster and also the theme of the contest.
One of my friends stressed upon the idea, that contemporary people in our society don't care about "black people and cats" and these characters don't depict the need of the whole world in drinking water.
So, such a questions is raised up: 'Why white people or some interpretations of the whole humankind are not depicted on the poster?"

My answer is quite simple: water is primary necessary to vegetation and animals, without both of those the existence of human being is under a question. If you think further, water is treasure in the places, where there is a lack of it. Year by year more regions on Earth become deserts, Australia, Africa are just one of them, where rare species extinct and many people die, more then one can really imagine. Black color of this boy's skin points our attention to these alarm-regions.

But one thing is even more important to me: the idea of being a host on the planet. If you have ever read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, you will feel with your heart: people are responsible for those, whom they have tamed. In the moments of disasters the first victims are children and, moreover, pets, whom we, people, easily betray. Characters on my poster show the thin relation, special connection between them, it is care. Each of us once should decide how to treat those, who are weaker and that is why grown-up people who take decisions on the world level are in charge of our "tamed nature" too. To conclude, I can even illustrate it deeper: If our planet was a child, we would find our selves to be rather cruel parents.