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  • Planktonology
    White Sea drifting creatures
  • In May there are many very small but fantastically interesting and unique organisms in the cold waters of the White Sea. Some of them are so small and transparent, that you can see them only with powerful lights and with trained eye. This project is a small drop in the ocean of planktonic life forms. It's our Another universe.
  • Cyanea capillata, Scyphomedusae (4cm)
  • Aglantha digitale, Hydromedusae  (1.5cm)
  • Halitholus yoldiaarcticae, Hydromedusae (2cm)
  • Aeginopsis laurentii, Hydromedusae (1cm) with crustacean parasites inside
  • Aurelia aurita, Scyphomedusae (12cm)
  • Beroe cucumis, Ctenophora (or Comb jelly, 4cm)
  • Beroe abyssicola, Ctenophora (8cm)
  • Unidentified comb jelly, possibly Dryodora glandiformis, Ctenophora (1cm)
  • Huge spaceship Bolinopsis infundibuliformis, Ctenophora (20cm)
  • Bolinopsis close-up one
  • Bolinopsis close-up two
  • Unique mollusk Sea angel, Clione limacina, Pteropoda (5cm) 
  • Sea angel with open mouth
  • Flying snail "Sea butterfly", Limacina helicina, Pteropoda (3mm)
  • Sea angel eats Sea butterfly. They feed exclusively on Sea butterflies. 
  • In Russia Limacina helicina common name is Sea devil. And angels eat devils =)
  • Stay tuned!