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Peace One Day

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  • Peace One Day
    Graphic Design & Society
  • Introduction
    The concept of peace is notoriously difficult to define. The simplest way of approaching it is in terms of harmony achieved by the absence of war or conflict. Applied to nations, this would suggest that those not involved in violent conflicts with neighboring states or suffering internal wars would have achieved a state of peace. 

    As come across to graphic design and society, the potential of using visual communication skills may make a positive and relevant contribution to our day-to-day lives. Graphic design is a communication method to everyone in the world by using visuals to change and attract human minds and thought and also their perception towards matters which transform daily aspect in society. It is because graphic design has a great influence to people and visually it is easier to catch people attention more than verbally.

    Grow awareness and engagement with peace day, establishing September 21 as a global, self-sustaining, annual day of peace, when everyone can take action to end conflict in their own lives and in the lives of others.

    This concept is to encourage and giving a chance to let people to recall and remembrance the peace one day which is on the 21st September of every year by carrying out activity which is blood donation. This meaningful event is carried out in peace one day as people are encouraged to donate blood as it helps to save a person’s life. It is a simple way to save a life and it makes people feel happy. The posters were inspired by the signs and symbols as well as elements that related to peace while blood donation helps to let people to remember the peace one day as he or she has done a meaningful thing on that day.
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