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  •  Illustrations - Paintings from my Archive

    In building my new website at, I wanted to have a section that included paintings from my personal archive. So I searched in my attic, where I knew I had them stored. but I was surprised at how many paintings I had done that I had forgotten about. Some I like more than others, but there are things in each one that I remember liking as I painted them. Like old friends, they have resurfaced- and I want to share some of them now.

  • "Misty Romance" One of many romance covers I painted in the 1990's.  Oil & Acrylic on board.
  • "Cat Wonderland?"  I don't remember the name for this one but it was lots of fun to paint all those cats.  Oils and acrylics on board.
  • "Babysitter with Arielle"  Book Cover.   That's my daughter as a baby- the teenager was a great model!  Oil & Acrylic on board.
  • "Girl In Diner"  Slice of life. Had forgotten all about this one until I found it in my attic. Oil and acrylics on board.
  •  "Last Look"  Book cover for children's novel.  Oil & acrylics on board.
  •  "Babysitter Goes Bats"  Book cover for young adult vampire series. Who knew vampires would be so hot now? Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Nutty is a Boy Genius"  Book cover for children's book. Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Munchkins in the Woods"  Children's fantasy book cover. Little guys with big feet!  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Educated Pirate?"  Book cover for children's fantasy story.  This model was famous for playing Uncle Sam in many advertisements. Plays a badass pirate here.  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • Main Street"   Young adult book cover.  Another painting I had forgotten about. Sometimes I like the background more than the foreground, but the girls are cute...  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Back from the Dead"  Children's horror book cover. Zombies are big now too!  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Blind Date"  Children's horror book cover.  This is RL Stine's first book.  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Big Foot"  Children's horror book cover.  I like to imagine how big this guy really is.  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Kid in the Mirror"  Children's fantasy book cover.  Like the background here also.  Oil & acrylics on board.
  • "Bedroom Romance"  Romance book cover.  Painted with a traditional sepia underpainting, which comes through on the final. Oils on board.
  • "My Tongue is Quick"  Illustration for National Lampoon.  One of several paintings I did for the magazine- way back when.  Oils and acrylics on board.