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P.TV synth

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    • P.TVsynth or the Programable Television Synthesizer, is the registered logo created by Marshall Barnes for his invention by the same name. He created the P.TVsynth  in October of 2011 as the main special effects engine for his upcoming video album, Zero Blue Cosmic Light, which is the video version of his upcoming experimental solo guitar album, Zero Blue Cosmic Noise. As an experienced veteran of the music video explosion that helped make MTV in the 1980s, and who is dealing with the brave new world that is digital video today, Marshall wanted to embark on a grand departure, both from what most music videos have become, and from the digital video effects technology that is used to make them. 
    • In 1990, when he began work on Seeing the Breykiot (See New York Times  ) his main focus was the execution of stunning special effects and editing without the use of SMPTE time code or computer generated images. His goal was to use the TV studio in the identical fashion of Todd Rundgren using the recording studio, who had made no serious attempt to translate his video production style the same way. Taking over all of the technical chores himself, including rewiring and engineering the effects with the production switcher, Marshall succeeded in turning the TV studio, with its three broadcast quality cameras, into the exact kind of visual instrument that Rundgren had been credited for inventing  musically with the recording studio.
    • Now, without the TV studio at hand, Marshall has returned to the experimental spirit championed in Gene Youngblood's media classic, Expanded Cinema, and taken Marshall McCluan's  slogan, "the medium is the message"  to its ultimate conclusion with his own Programable Television Synthesizer - where the TV is not the medium delivering content but is literally the content itself. By using an analog TV as the platform for his invention, Marshall uses the very essence of the television medium to create new effects which are synthesized with incoming images for a unique result, completely separate from the look and feel of contemporary digital computer effects, allowing him to recapture the sense of electricity that is lost from today's digital images. This, combined with a new approach to his rock video content as a whole, returning more to his own early video art roots while bringing along all the music video whiz bang editing tricks that he learned through the years, Zero Blue Cosmic Light's videos are transcending to become video art rock videos, carving out their own dimension in the space of music video product of the present.

    • The following copyrighted images are screen shots from the experiments being conducted for Zero Blue Cosmic Light with the P.TVsynth prototype, and in no way begin to approach the full range of its technical capabilities. Zero Blue Cosmic Light is expected to be commercially released in January 2012 along with its audio companion, Zero Blue Cosmic Noise and a picture book, Zero Blue Cosmic Stills. All images are copyright 2011 by Marshall Barnes and registered with All Rights Reserved.