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PORTFOLIO Colorful choices I make.

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    and am not affraid to use them
  • As a certified and rewarded journalist, and as a curious copywriter, throughout my rich and interesting career I have gathered some wonderful people, bright mind, continuous love towards words and a bit bigger love towards action. 
  • CLIENT: AIK Bank
    BRIEF: Campaign for the Money saving week (Print, Banner, TVC)
    SOLUTION: Feel as safe and protected as the white bear  

    Creative director: Slobodan Jovanovic - Coba
    Copywriter: Anja Kostić
    Designer: Predrag Marković
  • CLIENT: Belgrade fair
    BRIEF: Original, simple, inviting print campaign for the Furniture fair
    SOLUTION: Combination of serbian folkor - the beilef that one can see the future in the coffee remains on the sides of the cup, and humor that indicates necessity of going to the fair. It's already seen as a future event.

    Senior copywriter: Hrnjak Slobodan
    Copywriter: Anja Kostic
    Designer: Tijana Mejuhas
    Creative director: Dejana Radulovic
  • This was one of the proposals for the same Furniture fair.
    SOLUTION: By showing that the Fair has got everything but the dresser with mustaches, we were emphasizing the majority of choices, in a funny and witty manner.
  • CLIENT: Holcim
    BRIEF: The campaign that will present the company's new brand ambassador: Ivan Ivanovic. It had to connect Ivan and ...concrete.
    SOLUTION: As Ivan Ivanovic is a showman that anchors a TV show, and often jokes about his heights, we did the same.
    We have shown that Holcim is helping him to achieve his "higher goals" as the slogan itself indicates. 
    BRIEF: Campaign for the promotion of bicycle as a mean of transportation, for young and working TA
    SOLUTION: At the moment the Facebook was at its peek, and the LIKE sign wasnt used as much.

  •  CLIENT: Belgrade Fair
     BRIEF: Print campaign for the upcoming Construction fair
     SOLUTION: The Fair is presented as a place that has it all on one place, all the materials needed, but in an  
     symbolic form of kitchen utilities and "kitchen linguistics": "The recipe for the good constructions." 

  • CLIENT: Zavarovalnica Maribor, Slovenia
    BRIEF: Original and interesting campaign for the promotion of their insurances
    SOLUTION: Bodyguards always present. They are beside your car, when you drive they run (TVC), you can see them guarding the car on the print, we use them in our BTL / Guerilla actions and STUNTS. The tagline "Insurance that follows you. Not literally."

  • CLIENT: Microsoft Serbia
    BRIEF: Campaign for the promotion of Windows 7 benefits
    SOLUTION: Young and happy people, that indubitably show the comfort, the trend, the freshness, followed by an appropriate tag line "Safer...with each day" "Younger...with each day", that communicates one of Windows 7 benefits, such as its daily update.

  • CLIENT: Microsoft Serbia
    In shops
    SOLUTION: Shows one of Microsoft 7 benefits- fast sleep function.
  • CLIENT: Samsung
    BRIEF: Promotion of the ST700 camera
    SOLUTION: As this camera has frontal LCD, by branding the mirrors in the toilets of Serbian most visited shopping centers, we would manage to show that benefit while turning customers into stars in three steps.

    Creative concepts for the sites

    Number, types, namings of the sections


    BRIEF: Helping the children to develop healthy habits
    SOLUTION: Interactive website that makes it possible for children to observe the effect of the choices they make, directly shown on their chosen avatar

  • CLIENT: Hotel Moscow
    BRIEF: Website concept
    SOLUTION: The receptionist awaits the guests on the home page. The sections are logically connected with the items on the desk stand, and on the wall

  • CLIENT: Miloš klinika
    BRIEF: Online strategy, Facebook applications
    SOLUTION: One of the ideas was to make the online testing of the eye glasses possible when the person upload the photo of himslef/herslef

  • CLIENT: adidas football
    BRIEF: Facebook strategy, original application
    SOLUTION: One of the applications was this one. The sole maze.

  • CLIENT: Marfin bank
    BRIEF: TVC that promotes new Marfin credit card
    SOLUTION: The idea was to show the choices that young woman faces when drawn by an object of desire. In a funny way we have shown the gambling and the man that has money, as her possible choices, that are in opposite with the credit card, represented as a little dog Keshy. The credit card is, this way, presented as a mean of usage of an independent, modern woman.