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Oslo Public Library

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  • Oslo Public Library
     Graphic Design Exam, June 2010
  • The Challenge:
    Oslos Public Library (Deichmanske Bibliotek), serves the county of Oslo and is Norway´s largest public library. Their services are available for everyone - individuals, institutions, students in the public school system and at the university level, the business community, and public administration. It is an integral part of Oslos image as a cultural capital. A new library is now being constructed in Bjørvika (marked on the map above), next to the famous opera building. Design a graphic profile for the new library.
     The Solution:
    The new library represents innovation in almost every aspect, I therefore chose to design a brand new graphic identity. My solution is an attempt to create a modern and colourful profile that is easy to apply over a wide variety of media. Although quite conservative in the core elements, the profile should be simple enough to allow more experimental design in contemporary media.
  • Architectual concept for the new library, courtesy of Lund Hagem Arkitekter + Atelier Oslo.
  • Architectual concept for the new library, courtesy of Lund Hagem Arkitekter + Atelier Oslo.
  • Part 1 - Identity System
  • The library will always be a fresh source of knowledge and inspiration, and the logo shows this with a simplified drop. The logo is made very simple in an attempt to make it outlast trends and to be easy to use.
  • Print detail.
  • Visual Toolbox containing all the core elements of the identity. Title typography is set in Flama, while Gotham serves as a supplementary typeface.
  • The identity utilizes a pattern made up of diamond shaped "pixels" coloured in the profile colours. This is a visual representation of the multifaceted nature of the library. They radiate a certain digital feel, as a reference to how large parts of the information stored in the library is now being digitalized.
  • Various types of printed media with the new identity applied.
  • Print detail.
  • Print detail.
  • Sample layout for website.
  • Patterns and typography applied on interior.
  • Part 2 - Poster Concept
  • The profile comes with three sample posters for a public campaign. These posters show retro-style men and women making statements about the wonders of the new library. Although hard to translate it would read something like "Oh gee! It's now possible to read the collected works of Henrik Ibsen on your digital tablet" written in old formal norwegian.
  • Print detail.
  • Applied on board, alternative format.
  • Applied on board, alternative format.
  • Applied graphics
  • Applied Graphics
  • Part 3 - Editorial Design
  • A monthly publication published by the library staff. This issue covers the new identity of the library, hence the cover printet on transparent plastic covering a black and white photo of the new library.
  • Title spread, the main article about the norwegian author Ove Knausgård.
  • Print detail.
  • Text spread with quote, information box and image.
  • Print detail.
  • A spread with small reviews of new books.
  • Print detail.