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  • "During Optimus D' Bandada, Porto is a car radio tuning: a station on every corner,
    a song in every street."
    in Público Newspaper
    Background & Vision
    The D' Bandada is an event created by Optimus (a telecommunication brand), connected to music and that happens in a single day each year (the third Saturday of September).
    Optimus D' Bandada invades the night of Porto, with free concerts in unexpected places, creating
    a everchanging public, a unique night with simultaneous performances of artists in showcase mode.
    In 2013 D' Bandada featured more than 50 bands on 23 stages scattered throughout Porto downtown.
  • Event 2013
    Create a new identity and image for the 3rd Edition of the event, and reinforce some basic aspects :
    - Solidify the image of the event to the public.
    - Strengthen the image of party music, popular and participatory " St. John of Music" in analogy of the traditional city party.
    - Increase the connection between the event, the brand, the bands and the audience ( Live Showcase ).
    Community Activation
    From an association with the biggest party in town " S. João" where the entire population goes out, turn the 
    D' Bandada in a celebration event associated with popular music. A day of music.
    Involve the local community by interaction with the communication pieces. Use of materials closer to a popular aesthetics and creative low- budget logic.
  • Pop - Up
    Use of three-dimensional elements that stand out. Pop-up effect. The identity is characterised by the use of volumes and textures referring to different references (popular, musical, thematic). It is a random, spontaneous event.
  • Cardboard base
    The card is used as base material for the application of the graphics of Optimus D' Bandada.
    The card is cheap (association with low-cost) and is connected with urbanity (location based).
    The card is also the base material for creative intervention of young artists (painting, sculpture, re-creation, architecture, installation) which opens a multitude of possibilities for intervention in the space. The card is also a recycled, reusable, portable and modular material.
  • Parts of Communication
    Extremely not boring. The pieces of communication were developed according to its specifications, trying to connect emotionally and participatory with the audience ( and thus avoid the "flyer " or more institutional approaches).
  • Brand development includes:
    Event Poster, Pocket Guide, Program Poster, Cardboard Map, Totem, Signage, Stage design, iOS & Android App design.
    Many thanks to:
    Oupas (Cardboard Work)
    TrigLabs (Mobile App)
    Go Local (Transport)
    Yilmaz Sen (3D)
    João Sousa (Photography)
    Lino Silva (Photography)
    Marco Eira (Photography)
    Nuno Moreira N16 (Photography)
    Luis Fernandes (180 channel)
    All 180 channel team for the fantastic video
    All the event production team
    All Optimus team
    Pedro Moreira da Silva, Inês Saad, Rui Mascarenhas, Bárbara Carvalhosa,
    Yilmaz Sen, Marta Alburquerque e Ana Pinto.