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Operation Typography

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  • Operation Typography
    Where the designer is the doctor.
  • This editorial and poster were created for my college Movement and Influence class, Fall 2011. The assignment called to create a piece that used deconstruction, a pastiche, appropriation, or vernacular. I chose to do a pastiche of the board game, Operation, to explain the art of typography --- a part of graphic design I love very much. 

    I felt like there are many similarities between the board game and creating successful typography. Just like carefully removing a 'Funny Bone' or an 'Adam's Apple,' you can look a piece of type and remove a 'Bowl' or 'Stroke.' As I worked on the project, I found myself taking a literal approach to comparing operation or surgery with typography. People may bald and it affects their image/attractiveness so they go to a doctor. A poor piece of typography (like the benign tumor that is comic sans) can affect the overall quality of a piece so that piece needs to go to a doctor, too. It just so happens, a designer can be a doctor.

    I wanted to explore these similarities between these two subjects and present them in a humorous, yet informational way. Editorial work is my career path and I loved having to blend the cartoonish, Operation elements into a professional spread. I think it would obviously appeal to fellow designers, but also to people unaware of how much effort and skill goes into creating the type they see all around them
  • Opening spread. 16x10" The goal of the opening spread is obviously to grab the reader's attention. Instead of confining the illustration to one page and starting the article the other (which I find quite common in magazines,) I thought I would make the illustration bleed across the entire spread; I made the title of the editorial do the same. The biggest challenge of this spread was to get the title to interact with the illustrations; I did not want them to be simply layers on top of one another.
  • Second Spread. 16x10" The biggest focal points were creating sidebar filled with some typographical structures and an interesting pull quote that ties in with the image. My goal was to create a color scheme that matched the cartoon character from the opening spread for consistency between pages. Mixing playfulness with intelligent subject matter was an interesting challenge.  
  • Poster. 13x19 I created a poster to go alongside my editorial. I took a more literal approach to 'operating on typography' with the editorial, so I wanted to be more true to the game with the poster. I wanted to re create the game pieces, the light-up bulb, and such. I sat the game board within what would be the bottom half of the cardboard box it would come in.