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Old Futuristic Radio - UI Case study - iPad UI

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  • - UI Design -
    || Old Futuristic Radio||
    - UI Case Study and Design - iPad App -
  • In this project I'll show you how I've created the UI for a "Radio App" for the Ipad. This is not a real App (maybe it could be in the future..I hope so!). It's a UI Design case study for iPad App. I try to design it in skeuomorphic way, as much realistic as I can! See the following images and consideration that I did and enjoy the tour! I hope you like it!
    All the best,
  • In the first place I just wanna make some consideration about it.

    When I started to design this UI I try to figured out what is the main command that you need for create this kind of UI for a Radio. Firstly I thought about a big tuned wheel in the middle of my design, this was my first attempt. Thank I thought about two main command: Volume and Phones. I create them with two knobs at the sides af my "big black Tuned Wheels" as I prefer to call it!

    Obviously I can missed the main visualization for Tuned Wheels. So I've create a window above the Tuned Wheels for analogic indication of tuned.

    Also I though about two different indicator for two different channel: L an R window analogic indicator.

    See the following images to see how all this things look in the real App.
  • After that I've considered the fact about another command: REC. Sometimes you're listening a radio and you wish to record that song, that programs or whatever. So, with this command you can!

    Another command that i putt in this UI is the chance to change from AM and FM. Also you can adjust three different things: BASS, TREBLE and MID. I made them with three simple sliders.

    Also I considered the chance to turn your radio mute instantly with simple wood switch in the bottom of this design. I put it in this position because in the nearest place to your thumbs!

    I, obviously, can't miss the power button!! :-P
  • In the following images I'll show you the main details of this UI. Enjoy them!
  • As you noticed in the previous images I put two bigger speakers an the sides of UI. I made this decision because it contribute to give more impact to the complete UI and it result more effective.

    Also I decided to use wood and leather texture to make this UI more elegant. Actually I wanted to create a mix between modern and old-vintage design so what kind of comb could you reach that goal?

    Now it's time to see the entire mockup of my UI.
  • As you can see this is the final iPad mockup with my UI Radio App! I hope you like it!!

    P.S.: HUGE THANKS to Kyle Adams ( that helped me with the "Big Black Tuned Wheels" - Check this guy on Dribbble, he's amazing! Thanks again my friend!

    That's it folks! I hope you enjoyed this brand new project! If yes, don't forget to push the badge and share it badly! :-)

    Thanks for watching fellows!

    All the best,