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OCADU Thesis Project

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  • Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
    OCADU Advertising Thesis Project
  • Menchie's offers more than just frozen yogurt; Menchie's is a journey to a place we've all been to before and can't wait to get back to: fun and play. The Menchie's experience is a return to childhood, to a time of wide-eyed innocence when to dream was to explore and all you had to guide your way was your imagination. And we all know that once we've had a taste of youth and have watched it recede from our grasp, we spend our lives seeking it again. The challenge, of course, is getting there. After all, Menchie's, while boasting a rabid base of fans, is to many Canadians unknown, foreign, uncertain. 

    Make no mistake- while we are creatures of habit, drawn to the routine and the predictable, we are, at the same time, inexorably drawn to the new so long as we give ourselves permission to do so. We believe ourselves to be unique, wholly individual and give voice to that belief everyday in how we dress, how we speak and how we interact. What Menchie's promises and delivers is the opportunity to give expression to that voice inside of us all that yearns to be heard through interaction, experience and play.

    Ultimately it is the experience of a Menchie's that sets itself apart from its competitors. It is the foundation of its offering and by increasing awareness of just how much fun Menchie's offers through experiential and interactive messaging, this campaign will provide the audience with a taste and preview of the Menchie's journey that should inspire patrons to seek a Menchie's out. Once through the doors, they will be able to interact with the brand on a level which showcases their creativity.

    Target: Youthful, experimental and expressive- for them, food is an extension of their personality. They eat to give themselves energy, to celebrate, to relax and to enlighten their senses. They prefer high quality, flavorful indulgences to convenience store confections. Since much of their lives are taken up with work and responsibilities, things can get monotonous and repetitive and they love places where they can shake things up, try new things and enjoy themselves! 

  • Part One: The Invitation
    The first part of the campaign is focussed around getting people into Menchie's for the first time

  • Transit Shelter

  • Direct Mail
    A semi-opaque envelope that acts as acare-package, sent to homes in the area surrounding a new Menchie's location.The envelope would house a printed napkin explaining what Menchie's is allabout and offer a coupon for their next masterpiece. There would be a Menchie'splastic spoon and a small card that reads "Bring this spoon & napkin with you on your next visit... it will probably come in handy!"
  • Online page takeovers on sites like TorontoLife, BlogTO, Epicurious where our expressive, food-loving target spends time online looking at restaurants or recipes. The banners will prompt people to interact with the yogurt and toppings and build something tasty inside the cup for a coupon. It also directs them to the microsite.
  • Part Two: Community Building
    The second part of the campaign is centered around allowing Menchie's fanatics to connect with the brand in a fun and engaging way that celebrates their unique creations and facilitates sharing on social media
  • Registration-based app that engages Menchie‚Äôs fans and expands thier brand experience both inside and outside the store. Promotes photographing their froyo creations and getting inspired for thier next yogurt both inside and outside the store.
  • In-store signage
    A wall mural that would include shelves for placing your frozen yogurt on and snapping pictures of it and your friends via the "paparazzi" function on the app. All images taken through the app will be stored through your login name.
  • Microsite
    For uploading paparazzi pictures, browsing and voting on froyo masterpieces.
  • Exterior Signage
    Digital boards outside of each Menchie's that would inform people about the new Froyo Freaks app, feature top voted masterpieces from that location, the province, country etc... As well as displaying all of the flavours being served at that location on that day.