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Norma tanzt Standard

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  • Norma tanzt Standard
    Norma dances standard

    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,
    "it means just what I choose it to mean – nothing more nor less."
    — Lewis Carroll
    Nola & Kerstin Bunke examined the field of norm, consensus and construct.
    The statistics are nonsense. Constructed from real statistics omitted the informations.
    The texts show modified german adages.
  • Fig. 1 — Social Aspects
  • Fig. 2 — Cause and Effect
  • Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall.
    Späne (splinter) replaced with Schwäne (swans).
  • Questionnaire
    Please fill out this form and drop it in the Normbox
    1. When did you realize you were a human being?
    1. WTF? — 2. I knew it all along. — 3. When I reached puberty
    2. How did you realize you are a human being?
    3. What was your parents reactions when they noticed you are a human being?
    Possible answers: 1. They were disappointed — 2. They could see it coming — 3. They support me
    4. How would you handle it if your child was human?
    1. Oh dear! — 2. How beautiful! — 3. You're not my child anymore!
    5. Have you been discriminated against because of your humanity? Yes — No — I don't know
    6. Did you ever hide your humanity? Yes — No — I don't know
    7. Do you know humans? Yes — No — I don't know
    8. What human customs and habits do you know?
    9. How do humans get to know each other?
    1. Scene hangouts — 2. They recognize each other — On the Internet
    10. How can you recognize humans?
    1. By their clothing — 2. By their behavior — They talk in a funny choice
    11. If you seduce a person, can you make them human? Yes — No — I don't know
    12. Is humanity infectious? Yes — No — I don't know
    13. Did their parents do something wrong? Yes — No — I don't know
    14. Should humans come out at work? Yes — No — I don't know
    15. Should humans be allowed to marry? Yes — No — I don't know
    16. Is human parenting bad for the kids? Yes — No — I don't know
    17. Will human kids become humane? Yes — No — I don't know
  • Fig. 3 — area of conflictc
  • Fig. 4 — agreement and disagreement according to age
  • In several cities
    people are crossing
    the roads.
  • Fig. 5 — Frequently mentioned attributes
  • Fig. 6 — Norms and Values
  • To cast pearls before swine.
    Säue (swine) replaced with Säule (column/pillar)