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No1 - The truth about Cinderella

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  • No1 - The truth about Cinderella
    Gruesome fairytales Series 
  • It's been a long time since I picked up a pencil but I decided to take the plunge and kick off by doing a series of drawings that illustrate scenes from the original but gruesome fairytales, the first one being Cinderella.

    Taken from the abstract where the stepsisters were ordered by their mother to hack off various parts of their feet, including toes and heel, allowing their feet (or what was left of them) to fit into the silk slipper. They nearly got away with it too, until two wise pigeons spotted the blood dripping from the slipper, and cooed 'Rook di roo, rook di roo, there's blood on the shoe, the shoe is too tight, the bride is not right.'

    After some trials and tribulations, the Prince finally got to marry Cinderella, and as punishment the stepsisters had to walk the bride down the aisle while their eyes were pecked out by two doves… nice!

    I've also illustrated a few other elements, such as the sun, moon and stars. According to older versions, the story begins with Cinderella running away from her father because he wanted to marry her… yuk! So she asked him to make her three dresses that resembled the sun, moon and the stars to help delay the marriage for her escape.

    Unfortunately there was no pumpkin, glass slipper or fairy godmother. In fact it was Cinderella's dead mother she asked for help next to a hazel tree; and she wasn't so innocent after all, as some stories tell of her actually murdering her first step mother!