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  • Nida
    Urban Garden
  • A Modular Urban Garden

    Garden cultivation in cities is a real challenge for people living in apartments due to the shrinking living space. NIDA offers the opportunity to the modern urban society to grow their own gardens by utilizing public spaces designed for this purpose. 

    Residents who want to grow their own gardens can borrow or rent a plot to the town. 

    This new approach of garden cultivation in cities will benefit both the users, public pedestrians and the environment of the area. 

  • These urban gardeners will discover a new way of gardening, as having their personal gardens in public area is very uncommon. This is also a beautiful way to enhance public furniture with greeneries while the residents grow their own food. 

    NIDA combines both functions and beauty; the recreation of agricultural activities while decorating the urban landscape.
  • One body for 3 specifics and complementary functions.

    1. Water Recovery Unit

    This u This unit has two water containers that collect rainwater. The water is then stored in the lower compartment. The tap allows the users to have free access to the reservoir and fill their watering cans.

    2. Garden Unit

    This unit consists of three different garden vessels. All three vessels can well be used for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers or any small plants. The wire mesh separates the unit to create individual spaces for different greeneries.


    3. Compost Unit

    This has two separate compost containers. All users will throw their garden waste in the unit and the collected compost will be available for everyone the users who need some loam.

  • Particitating, and serenity

    The lower compartment of NIDA is a personal storage space, secured by an access code set by the owner or the renter of the unit.
    This compartment provides a personal space to store contain various gardening tools and supplies, such as digging forks, cutters, watering can, seeds, fertilizers, etc.
    However, the codes to access the Water Recovery Unit and Compost Unit will be shared by all users.
  • Eco-design in the heart of the project.

    In an environmental sustainability perspective, NIDA is designed to be produced with recyclable and recycled materials. Its modular concept (three-in-one function) reduces the consumption of raw materials.
    In order to optimize the transport volume, NIDA comes as an easy-to-build kit, which is then assembled on the location. No glue or any other adhesives are necessary; only nuts and bolts are needed for assembly, and eventually neat and eco-friendly dismantling.

  • A green city.

    NIDA is the diminutive of ┬źNidaplast┬╗, which is the 3D shape of a bee hive.
    Its honeycomb structure allows an assembly with flexibility that maximizes its bulk. It is therefore possible to create any kind of unique arrangements in the city.
    NIDA has the power to improve the everyday lives of the modern society by vegetating in a space-efficient, educational and ecological way.

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