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  • This Work Profile, titled 'Nexus', was presented at MICA, India as a part of my Portfolio Review Round to secure a Post Graduation seat in Crafting Creative Communications (Art Direction & Copywriting).
    The below set of examples constitute most of the work I showcased in those twenty minutes assigned to us.
    Although I am selected to be a part of the Programme, a genuine feedback will be appreciated. :)
  • Inked
    This series consists of artwork that I am capable of doing with ink on paper
  • Such instances are called 'Calligrams', wherein the words are scribbled in a manner so as to resemble themselves.
  • The Bandra-Worli Sealink depicted here reflects my personal style of doodling; I almost swear by intricacy.
  • 'Faith & Love', essential elements for a rocky travel called life, printed on certain products to bring out the quirkiness in them.
  • Illustrations for a stop-motion animation video based on 'Cinderella'.
  • Causes & Concerns
    This series consists of artwork that may portray a cause or suggest a concern under the umbrella of critical environmental or social issues being faced today
  • The text smoothly blurs to read 'Don't Drink & Die' as against 'Don't Drink & Drive.'
  • How the messy concrete jungles of Bombay are burdening the creator himself, Man.
  • The eventual wrath of nature on man. Someday.
  • Artwork
  • A Book Cover for a story based on the life of a teenage girl who dreams to visit London, after she has watched a documentary on the London Eye in 2001.
  • 'Little Boys, Who?' is an underground British Pop band, consisting of two guys based out of Bombay, India
  • Their logo comprises of a man's silhouette and a mjor music element, the record disc, embedded onto a question rendering the name of their band and anonymity.
  • This poster signifies how the World on the outside sees the two boys, and the musical roles they play underground.
  • Conceptualization
  • Stopping infinity...
  • The magic of liberation of mind through healthy reading
    [Clicked & Manipulated]
  • A perfect poster of a coffee brand to be put up in a (an IT) company cafeteria, brewing a creative start to your mornings! Special mention for the geeky "Hello, World!" bit.
  • Need a LASER treatment for the eye?
  • The major problem with man is that he makes things difficult even for other living entities; only if nature had its own separate World.
  • However muddled between our faith, choices and roots are we on the inside, we try to put up a serene face in front of the World, thus developing deceptive lives, that most of us lead.
  • Requires no caption
  • The notorious 'Rat Race'
  • Identity
  • Iconic logo for Phoenix Consultancy
  • Work Mark logo for 'Forest Schools', a concept involving outdoor education via on-field learning in a woodland environment, so as to imbibe a sense of independence in kids.
  • Combination Mark logo for a Men's saloon, 'Hair After.
  • Spinning around some negative space.
  • Minimalistic Art
    Albeit a lot has been spoken about minimalistic art, the charm  of '<=>' is no less magnetic
  • [L-R] Popeye, The Sailor Man - The Powerpuff Girls
  • [L-R] Usain Bolt's 2012 London Olympics Record - Kalpana Chawla
  • Geometry
    Beyond vectors, 3D modelling, animation and CGI; geometry towards crafting clean logos, illustrations & posters
  • Cat comprising of basic shapes and curves
  • [The third one in the poster series, 'Creative Riot']
    A war between geometrical shapes
  • [Pristine Meditation Workshops in a Natural Lifestyle]
    The words and picture coupled with the geometry try to trace tranquility by the Sea.
  • [Pristine Meditation Workshops in a Natural Lifestyle]
    The copy calls for an action to shut down our digital devices, and enjoy the silence through the woods.
  • Illustrations
  • 'The Tales of Regime' combines minimalism and diction to put forth the weird kinds of Government, we never thought could exist
  • 'Songography' is a collection of posters, depicting lyrics of some famous songs
  • Poker Face by Lady Gaga
  • Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
  • Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes
  • With or Without You by U2
  • 'Graphrasics' is a set of illustrations, each suggesting an English phrase or an idiom
  • 'Butterflies in one's stomach'
  • 'Two left feet'
  • 'The apple of my eye'
  • [Explaining Difficult Concepts via a Graphic]
    The poster begins with a butterfly at the top, and boils down to mere wings at the bottom, with grungy path all the way down.
  • Art Direction
  • Tangible Paper Infographic
    To explore the design process through tactility via pattern-making, a 3D infographic was made based on an 'Angry Birds Addiction' survey carried out by
    Playing a session of the game typically causes your mood to be:
    Worsened [5%]
    Unchanged [37%]
    Improved [58%]
  • Fork Art
    Problem Statement:
    Shoot a picture of a dinner fork. Use this photo to create a poster which promotes Archies' "Get Well Soon" cards.