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  • NEW BOYThis is a project for our presentation class.
  • Inspired by fox channel's new girl, we did a Filipino version that will surely tickle your funny bone.

    *ETC Channel is not affiliated with this project. ETC logo is used for personal purposes.

    Plot: The series stars Jesse "Jes: Concepcion, a bubbly and funny man who was sent by his parents to the Philippines after being too naughty with his neighbours from New Jersey. His parents ordered him to stay at their old home in Mandaluyong that is now in the hands of Winona(Jeb), a Photographer who inherited the house from her parents that was given to them by Jes' folks. Together with Winona, Mitch(Grey) a band singer and Nikka(Karla) a fashion assistant, they occupy the said house. With Jes' funny wit, he becomes love interest of their neighbour, Che-che(Ces)
  • Jesse “Jess”Concepcion as himself, the so called “New boy”. He is the funny and bubblygraphic artist who moved from New Jersey to the Philippines to be the good boyhis parents want him to be. He was obliged to stay at their old home inMandaluyong that is occupied by the three girls. Jess has the tendency to shoutwhatever he wants and sing random songs depending on his situation.
  • Jeb Monge as WinonaSebastian, one of Jess’ new housemates and the owner of the house. Sheinherited the house from her parents that was given to them by Jess’folks. Winona is a photographer whochose to go freelance because of the failure of her studio business. She hasthe uncanny ability to memorize songs really fast and dream about really weirdhappenings.
  • Grey de Jesus as Mitch Ocampo, one of Jess’ new housemates who isoriginally from Davao. She is a band singer for a rock band called Sinogmane soshe always go home late because of gigs. She has an extreme fear of dogs andhas a pictographic memory.
  • Karla Domingo as Dominique “Nikka” Cortez, one of Jess’ new housemates.An obsessive compulsive fashion assistant who loves cats but can’t buy onebecause of Winona’s allergies. The oldest of the group so they usually call herwith ‘Ate’.
  • Frances Vidal as Chey “Che-che” Isidro, the neighbour of the bunch. Aparty girl who is secretly a lawyer because she is afraid to tell people thatshe hasn’t pass the board exam yet. She has a serious thing for boys but she alwaysrejects them, making her single, for now.
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