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Nasty Girl - Typography Experiment - with tutorial

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  • Nasty Girl - Typography Experiment
    From Sketch to Reality
  • In this Typography Experiment I had created a sketched type and then I put it in Illustrator and Photoshop to create an elegant and sparkling type with details, glow and curls! Here I'll show you the whole process that I followed, from sketch to reality. I hope you enjoy!
    All the best.
  • First Step - Sketching
  • This is the original sketch about my piece of artwork. I tried to create as more realistic as I could but not perfectly because after this part I put it in Illustrator and all become more detailed. Take a look at my sketch. 
  • Second Step - Illustrator
  • This is the second step about my Typo Experiment. This is the most exciting part because you can play with Illustrator and having fun with it. In this part I tried to create a piece of artwork as much detailed as I could because this is the most important part of the whole process. This is also the most difficult part for me because I'm not so good with hand drawing technique. I started with the line of every single letters as you can see. Take a look at many steps that I have to followed to create a curly letters.
  • I do this with every single letter. TIP: the spiral tool help me a lot to create a perfect curls at the beginning and at the end of the letters. The other part of the letters I draw by hand....I must draw by hand I have to say!..:-/...Honestly, the most difficult part for me!
  • After this first part in Illustrator let's go into the second part. In the second part I try to create most beautiful typography. I do this with some elements like curls and partial-bold letters. Let's look this screenshots to understand what I mean.
  • Here I try to create a Typography as more personal as I can. TIP: in this part I use some preset shapes that I have modified based on my needs. I create personal shapes from preset shapes. You can have fun with it because you can add your personal touch at whole composition. In this case I add curls and partial-bold along the letters and at the beginning and at the end of every single letter. After that I merge every single letter, It help me to managing avery letter with ease. Take a look at the screenshot and then let's move into the next step! 
  • Third Step - Photoshop
  • After Illustrator is time to Photoshop. In this part I add some details on the illustration. I create some depth with light drop shadow. After that I put a big white gradient on the back to create more depth. Also I add a particular background pattern make by edges of the same letter. Look closely and you'll discover that it's the same typography.
  • As you saw in my sketch in the first step, there was an extra "S" in the word "GIRLS". I decided to deleted it in the final composition because during the process I discovered that it didn't fit on the entire composition.
  • After that I add bevel and emboss effect to the letters to create a particular effect. Here the screenshot to see how it works!
  • And now it's time to rock! It's time to add my personal touch to the illustration. I do this with custom brush, light effects and...creativity! Take a look at the screenshots and you'll see how I make it!
  • Also I add a small tag on the composition in case someone find hard to understand every single letter of my typography experiment.
  • Final Piece
  • After a little while to play with Photoshop to achieve as the best result as I can, the final piece came out. But before take a look at some details.
  • How can I use my "Nasty Girl" typo?
  • In the end I show you some uses about my "Nasty Girl". Let's rock!
  • This is the whole process that I followed to create this piece of artwork. I really hope you enjoy it. If yes don't forget to share and push the badge! Thanks for watching!
    All the best.
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