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  • This new project "NEW CRAZY CONES" it's a restyling of my old work "CRAZY CONE" since 2012. 
    You can find it HERE.  This new project contains three "Crazy Cones" with the steps of the construction of the first one. The most difficult thing that I have found to creating this work was to balance shadows and lights.
    But overall it was a very instructive job and I really enjoyed creating it. Hope you like it and thank you for watching! 
    For info:
  • Step 1: create a grid
  • Step 2: create two circle following the grid
  • Step 3: create the outline of cone
  • Step 4: create other 4 cicle in the middle of the first two
  • Step 5: create new curves following the scheme
  • Step 6: create other four curves between the previous curves
  • Step 7: apply this curver for create the edge of the cone
  • Step 8: apply this circle for create the depth of cone
  • Step 9: delete the lines in excess. Now we have the layout of cone
  • Step 10: apply the colors
  • Step 11: apply the gradient colors
  • Step 12: apply the inside shadow
  • Step 13: Apply the inner and external shadow
  • Step 14: apply the light
  • Step 15: apply the decorative stroke and texture
    "New Crazy Cone 1"
    (23x23 in)
  • Enlargement
  •  "New Crazy Cone 2"
    (23x23 in)
  • Enlargement
  • "New Crazy Cone 3"
    (23x23 in)
  • Enlargement
  •  "New Crazy Cone 1"
    aluminum frame - (23x23 in)
  •  "New Crazy Cone 2"
    aluminum frame - (23x23 in)
  •  "New Crazy Cone 3"
    aluminum frame - (23x23 in)
  • ...conclusion...