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  • School play for the year-ending cellebration.
    Friday 14, december 2012.
    08:30 a.m.
    67% humidity.
    All data were register.
  • -The last one has come, we can start with the play.
  • -I have my phone...
  • -the school principal begins...
  • -Yeah, my phone...
  • -surely she is her grandma...
  • -Where is this song...
  • -I can't see...!
  • -Ho yeah, Metallica!!!!
  • -My god! he's writting emails while hes son is acting... what a shame.
  • -I cannot leave the house without my phone...
  • -Oh no... charleston again...
  • -I forget my ipad at home...
  • -What is she looking at?
  • -this song is awesome! tu-tu-da tu-tu-da...
  • -Her daughter... who is...?
  • -This guitar solo is so impressive!
  • -Does she have an iphone too?
  • -Yeah, eah, ahh!!!
  • -The fishes... not tired with this camera?
  • -This Christmas I will ask for the new iphone. Yeah!
  • -Oh no, croatian dance...
  • -What the... the battery is dry...
  • -SHE'S LOOKING AT ME!!! Is my hair Ok?
  • -Yes, I need a iphone!