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  • MOODSWINGS | iPhone

    Moodswings helps you add and track your daily mood through time and location. Check how people in your neighborhood are feeling and understand the reasons behind your moodswings.
  • Moodswings is an iPhone application that lets the user add and track his mood through time and location. Anytime during the day, the user can enter his current state of mind with the choice of multiple emoticons - a reason for the current mood and a optional short description. He is then able to track his moodswings during time and location (yes, Moodswings automaticaly recognizes the geographic location of the update) through different types of views, eg. the Calendar View and the Map View. This gives the user an easy way of seeing when and where and for what reason he feels like he does. To make the saved moods as honest as possible Moodswings is completely anonymous although the feelings of other users can be viewed on a map (the only information that is beeing shown is age and gender). When using the map the current state of mind of larger areas can be overviewed and even individual locations (such as shops and restaurants) can be explored. How are people feeling at your favorite café? In a shallow digital world where internet is becoming less and less anonymous, Moodswings provides a welcomed sense of privacy. The language in which Moodswings is talking to the user is all written in a first person manner - making the experience even more private. Instead of asking 'How are you feeling today?', Moodswings asks you 'How do I feel today?' - the user IS the product. 

    Type: iPhone Application
    Made by: Gustav Schiring & Wiktor Persson
    Production year: 2012
    More information and video clips:

  • Video | Calendar View
  • Wireframes
  • Wireframes & Final version
  • Calendar View
  • Product shot
  • Final note

    The work is still in progress but the concept and the documentation (including product description, wireframes, flowcharts and interface design) is done. I love working with concepts like this - from the initial ideas to the final product. Even though I prefer to let someone else do the final design it feels good to be a part of everything from A to Z. Creating wireframes can be rather boring, but in this project I have to say that it was a pure joy to work with Omnigraffle. Don't know why, but I guess the atmosphere of the product and the expressive emoticons gave the wireframes a nice touch.

    More information and videos:

    © Gustav Schiring & Wiktor Persson 2012