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Modus and Beta

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  • Modus & Beta
    Album and logo design
  • Blind contour is the raw expression of a persons or object's essence; the unpremeditated structure, the rapidness of gesture, the first impression. The album entitled 'Forget all That' by Modus & Beta, an instrumental beat tape depicting their influences of jazz, electronic, and soul music. Their release thematically captures the mindset of relinquishing one's mind from rules, of releasing one's imagination, of the rawness of spontaneous creativity; this message expressed through the album art. Specifically during the intro of the first track, "Relax and Just Play',  Bill Evans cites the importance of intellect for creativity, but acknowledges to 'forget all that'... 
  • Modus & Beta
    Album: Forget all That 
  • This album art is a visual representation of fragments of memories within the panda; the interior of the body has a myriad of illustrations reminiscent of their production process. I worked off the mood and title of their song "Memories Of" as an inspiration for their cover art since memories retain personal identity. Memory is unlike pure imagination in that we have the ability to conjure specific episodes of what happened despite how familiar or confusing they may be. Yet, in practice, there can be a close relationship between remembering, imagining, and perceiving. This image is a depiction of what memory represents; organized chaos. 
  •  Modus & Beta
    Abum: Gap in the Playback
  • 3rd Person, Beta's new single, was released November 17th, 2012. My album art inspiration was taken from the earthy jazz sampling that creates a warm and melancholy ambience. The curvilinear shape and internal line drawings work to present the music in a visually synesthetic way. 
    Logo Design for Modus & Beta