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Message to a Former Self

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  • Message to a Former Self
    Photographed by Ross Caldwell
  • If you could send a message today to yourself three years in the past, what would you say?
    Each of the five people presented in this project were asked the above question and their responses helped to shape the images and are presented alongside them.
    This project deals with the experiences, good and bad, that teenagers endure. Not all these experiences are shown here, that would be impossible to do, instead these photos and the messages that accompany them provide us with a small view into the lives, joy, and hardship of these teenagers.
    Over the past three years a range of experiences would have influenced these five teenagers. If three years ago these people had received their message, what would they do? Would they heed the warnings and advice? Would they dismiss them? If they had listened, would they still be the people they are today and would that be a good thing?

    As you view this project, make sure to read the messages, study the photos and try to make sense of the people within.
    Thank you,

  • "Move on and grow up"
    - Sean
  • "Don't panic, don't over-think, don't fear, everything will work out all right in the end"
    - Tyrone
  • "Please stop trying to be someone you're not, the only thing you need to change is how you see yourself"
    - Emily
  • "Don't let it destroy you"
    - Monika
  • "Life is a joke, the funny part is that nobody gets it"
    - Marcus