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  • During my internship at Hallmark I was able to work with a dynamic group of of designers, a writer, and a design engineer to create a product to Milenials, Hallmark's untapped market. Within one week, we researched, concepted, designed, animated, and produced "Memory Mix".
    Business Objective
    Help Hallmark understand how a transitional young adult ( a new, untapped market) would share meaningful audio in a tangible way. Also, how can you tangibly share precious audio clips that have been captured during a specific event?
    Creative Soultion
    A clever twist on a sound card that is trendy and can be customized to each consumers needs.
  • A short animation to describe "Memory Mix" and all of it's fun!
  • Recieving a gift via snail mail brings an element of suprise and nostalgia.
  • Packaging is displayable and unique, interior is unexpected and there is a hidden message under the cassette
  • Using Memory Mix
    By moving your thumbs around the tape reels, you can play your Memory Mix forwards, backwards, faster and slower. When placed in the box, simply press play and the message will pay from the speakers on both sides.
    Technology is a seamless interaction with no moving parts created from existing products. There is a standard module for each format.
  • Relatable to Millennials
    Giftable Experience
    Concious Consumer- recyclable material, small and portable
    Affortable for college students- between $10.95 and $12.95
  • Customizable Cassettes
    ​from everyday occasions to holidays
  • Tape Option 1
  • Tape Option 2
  • Valentine's Day Tape
  • Growth Options
    The possibility for customization is endless as different versions of the cassettes can be designed in any style and for any holiday. There is also a possibility for other objects, such as a typewriter or acoustic guitar. The package could include real spakers to play audio.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Design : Anna Defazio 
    Design + Illustration: Kael Little
    Design + Animation: Alexis Copeland 
    Design Engeering: Mat Nguyen 
    Writing: Valerie Speck