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MedZy- Mobile App for prescriptions & ordering medicine

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  • MedZy- Medicines made Easy
    Mobile based service for managing mobile prescriptions and locating & requesting orders at medical stores.
  • Research
    Research mainly consisted of Contextual Inquiry : visiting medical stores- especially the small scale ones - and interviewing the chemists, customers, helpers and observation of their tasks. From this we were able understand their goals, motivations and the problems they face in this context. 

    Research findingsProblems faced by chemists:
    • Data Entry
    • Doc's Handwriting
    • Purchase Orders Confusions and delays
    • Banned Drugs
    • Expiry
    • Storage Information

    Problems faced by chemists:
    • -Many people these days undergo a lot problems because the Medicines from the prescription are misinterpreted, or because the handwriting of the doctor is not legible, or due to allergic reactions-These can cause serious health risks to patients and may also result in the loss of life.
    • The patient/consumer has to wait a long while for his medicines to be located in the shelf and be billed. Some times he may even have to go to multiple stores as all the prescribed meds my not be available in the same store-and has to wait for long at each place.
    • At times the buyer forgets to bring the prescription/ looses it on the way, and needs to make several calls to get actual details for medicine.-Many instances the actual prescription is not brought, and calls again are made to ensure the correct concentration of the drug is bought. Sometimes they don't bother to even call up, they just buy any concentration of the drug from the chemist.-Many a times to buy all the medicines prescribed in a prescription,
    •  More than one shop has to be visited-and yet the medicine may not be available. The customer has a very tough time going from one medical store to to another in search of a medicine.
  • Research Document
  • Concept

    MedZy  is a mobile based service which allows user to store prescription in their mobile phones. MedZy collects stock info from chemist and allows the patient to locate stores that have all her prescribed medicines & also request the chemist to keep them ready for her.
     In return MedZy provides useful updates for the chemist- such as banned drugs, latest drugs being bought by customers and also allows them to synch the incoming requests directly with their inventory(stock to be updated automatically) so that they don't have to make manual data entry. 
  • MedZy- Concept Intro
  • Service Flow Diagram.
  • This is the story of Radha, a school teacher, who's is not well. She visits the doctor and gets her prescription- in her mobile! She saves her m-prescription and uses the MedZy service which provides a freely downloadable app, and Locates stores in her nieghbourhood which has all the medicines prescribed in her prescription. She then sends a request to the chemist to keep her medicines ready. He in-turn, gives her a confirmation, and keeps the medicine ready for her and also sends an m-bill. She know how much her medicines will cost also, and keeps the cash ready, visits the medi store collects the medicines and pays. No waiting. She gets all the medicines. Shes happy! 
  • Wireframes
  • Detailed Persona based Task Flow
  • Visual Interface Design