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  • Concept: Rene Natzel & Dennis Schuster / DXTR
    Creative Direction: Rene Natzel
    Illustration: Dennis Schuster / DXTR
    Photos: Mazine
  • The "Denimals" are an established product group in Mazine's portfolio, which stand for affordable,
    contemporary, quality denim. Right now, the denims pants come in 12 different styles with various washings each.

    While developing the products, it was clear that there needs to be an entire world to embed the products in. A world that correlates with the target group's demands and expectations, but is unique in its own right. A world that offers an abundance in opportunities regarding strategic and creative processes as well as cater to retailers alike. The outcome was a fictional storyline based on an actual myth. A myth that many people dare to talk about. A myth that first came to life in the outbacks of Peru. It deals with the subject of abduction and a horrible incident that is said to have happened 75 years ago.
    Of course there had to be a strong and logic storyline, as well as a unique and appealing visual language.
    The following elaborates on a few of the visual elements that were developed.

  • The Story
  • The Denimal is a hybrid. Conceived through an act of scientific- and magic megalomania. Born into the
    world of the undead. Living in the hills of "Puebla de Mala Muerte" in Peru. Ready to protect and serve at all times. 

    This is where life as we know it ends and our story begins. We don't exactly know who or what they are. All we know is that 75 years ago a special Intelligence Force was sent to that very part of Peru to investigate in case of abduction. They got kidnapped by gene-manipulated creatures and never returned. Still, to this day nobody dares to look for the lost souls. 

    Only at nighttime the Denimals become active. When it is as dark as it gets and colours don't exist. This is what Black and White represent. The Neon Green stands for the artificial, quasi-scientific sickness that goes on in the old wooden shack in the hills. The Denimals' world is morbidly engrossed, rusty and dark. Full of excrescences we have no clue about on
    this side of madness. A place where you come innocent but will not leave the same.
  • 01. Main Logos
    Both logos, built out of chains and bared wire, equally symbolize imprisonment and control.
  • 1.1 Male
  • 1.2 Female
  • 02. Front Button
  • The metallic button is engraved with the logo of the female and male Denimals.

  • 03. Back Pocket Rivet
  • The metallic rivet is located on the left back pocket and engraved with the sub-logos:  crossed barbed wire for the female Denimals and crossed chains for the male Denimals.
  • 04. Size Label
  • Sewn in the inside seam of the pants, the size label is designed as a loop so it does not only communicate technical specifications but can also be used as a way to hang up the pants..
  • 05. The Icons
  • On every waistbandpatch you will find two icons. One in the bottom left, and one in the top of the right corner. These icons deal with either the circumstances under which the Denimal was conceived, or with the realm it lives in now.
  • 06. The Denimals / Waistband Patches
  • The main part of the visual language is the waistband patch. It comes in two variations:
    Embossed leather or printed cotton. Each style of pants stands for a different Denimal. The patch tells the story of everyone of them. The text column on the left sums up the circumstances, while the column on the right talks about each Denimal specifically.
  • 07. The New Order / Engraved Sketchbook