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Maurer Identity

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  • Maurer Identity

    Identity Design for Ákos Maurer Klimes
    Hidden Characters, 2011

  • We have designed an identity for Ákos Maurer Klimes an award-winning hungarian product designer and design strategist.
  • Identity Concept

    While creating the identity, we regularly talked with Ákos next to a cup of coffee. On one of the first occasions he counted how many people he had contacted and worked with on various projects. This strategic attitude, the linkage between two points, between people, was our very first source of inspiration. This little momentum had an impact on our work during the whole design process.


  • Visual Language

    The visual language we created is based on Ákos’s sketches. We studied his sketchbook and extracted our ideas for the identity’s elements from his drafts. Lines, oblique hatches and simple drawings are the fundamentals of the final identity.


  • Super Normal

    Ákos named Naoto Fukasawa’s and Jasper Morrison's Super Normal, as important and influencing design philosophy in his latest works. He wanted it to be a leading principle for us to simplify the visual language, to exile the colors.


  • Personalization

    The philosophical objective of the identity was to be a very personal and interactive system, to be just like a nice and polite gesture, a friendly handshake. To reach this goal, our main tool was to create much more personal elements than ever before. The business card for example has many different versions similar to the relations between the designer and his client or fellow designer. What is more, Ákos can write the name of the one who recieves the card, thus creating a more personal and direct relationship.


  • Sketchbook

  • Website
    Actionscript developer: András Polgár
    visit the website
  • The design of strategic thinking, contrary to product design, can not be told with the help of pictures and spectacular videos, but this is an important guideline in Ákos’s works, so we tried to make this as significant as possible. The solution is an interactive game which is available on the website. The user, whether he/she is a client or a fellow designer, can set up the equation from the specified components, and recieves a text message, Ákos’s answer as a result.

  • Pictograms

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