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Matte paintings (selection)

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  • Personal piece, fantasy mixed with Asian elements.
  • City matte prepared for a TV advertisement.
  • Frame from a 3D matte painting shot prepared for VFX Workshops. To find out more about the course I offer, go to:
  • The first shot from my personal project called 'The Arrival'. Matte, done in 4k and 16-bit, was projected onto 3D geometry within Nuke and comped with additional effects, like animated 3D airship, waterfall (particle flow in 3dsMax), various bits of moving fog, clouds, water blinks, etc. Animation:
  • A frame from a complex 3D matte painting, projected from 10 separate cameras onto 3D city (over 600k polys). Both, cameras and geo were exported to Nuke for compositing of the final shot, with additional animated elements. Completed projection here:
  • Winter scenery created in Photoshop and projected onto 3D geometry in Maya. To see it in motion, check it out at: (snow particles added in After Effects).
  • Matte painting, personal project. Created in Photoshop and Vue, buildings are 3D models. Projection made in After Effects. To see it in motion, check it out at:
  • Another personal matte, somewhat inspired by 'Metal Gear Solid' series. The base was initially built in 3D in order to be composed into the painting. Pictures I took some time ago in Guilin, China, were used for the background mountains.
  • One of matte paintings I've done recently for my personal s-f artbook. Megalopolis-1 is one of a dozen gigantic multi-leveled cities where the remaining population found shelter. Here's a camera projection test if you're interested: (the movable 'shields' on the towers hide and unhide populated Zones, depending on hostile weather conditions). Projection done in Maya, with AE for some smoke and ship's glow.
  • One of mattes created for stage projection for a traditional music concert organized by UNESCO.
  • Set extension and change the plate from Canadian street to Chinese one. Many elements here were hand-painted.
  • That's a 3D matte painting created for a 'Blade Runner' challenge hosted by CG Channel. A requirement was to create a night-time, futuristic scene in the spirit of the famous movie. As I wanted to integrate matte with live action, I recorded footage in Shanghai, imported camera into Maya, created matte, set projections, added some 3D elements (balconies, neon sign) and rendered it out. Post with additional effects done in After Effects. To watch the projection:
  • Matte painting of a fantasy-like city, situated somewhere on a vast rocky desert. 3D architecture was built and rendered in Maya with simple texturing as a base for further painting in Photoshop. Projection:
  • Post-apocalyptic city created for comic book mini-series 'After Dark' by Radical Publishing. Based on a simple 3D model.
  • Set extension based on a frame from live-footage I recorded near my apartment, here in Shanghai.
  • Stylized environment created for a video clip.
  • Stylized environment created for a video clip.