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  • Masks
    Project on Foundation course in BHSAD

       At the beginning, as a theme for this project I chose a situation in which in Russia thanks to the latest technology people exacerbated one of the five basic senses: touch, smell, hearing, vision or taste. I made an interesting research about it. However, I understood that I needed to change a theme for something more real. So, as a theme I took an ecological disaster, which intersects with the topic of smell from the previous idea.
       Due to pollution and gasses people have to wear respirators constantly.
    Naturally, any thing that is used every day by so many people exposed to design. Each object has its basic design. So I decided to buy most simple respirators in a drugstore. These surgical masks have a very simple form with very good area for printing. Also I thaught that these masks, which are used every day, are very good communication tool. 
       I thaught about how to place on it some stable expressions for different people. For example, in Russia bums sometimes ask people, who drink, not to through away a bottle. Nevertheless, I came to the conclusion, that in this idea there is not any place to design, only for phrases. So I decided to go the other way and make some illustrations fot these masks. Some kind of it, which people really will want to wear. I thaught, that president should always have a smile on his face. Because he is a public person and he is constantly under the gun cameras. A teacher (there is a stereotype that teachers in schools always wear a glasses) can have a continuation of glasses on mask. A sailor always has a pipe on his mouth, a militiamen – a whistle, a carpenter – some nails. And teenagers always have piercings on his face. So, I made some illustrations, which develop my theme and idea. For clarity I put these masks on the photographs of people.
       In conclusion I want to say, that of course there will be another designs for such a popular object. However, we should remember, that these masks are a communication tool and through the aid of it people will want to say something about themselves or present something, which is under these masks.

  •    Carpenter
  •    Cop
  •    sailor
  •    teenager