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Martin Vollinger - Logo Design Process

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  • Martin Vollinger
    Logo Design Process
  • Martin Vollinger is composer, music pedagog, organist and conductor.
    He enjoys composing by combining classic and modern music styles such as jazz, salsa and pop which results in unique, refreshing and inspiring melodies.
    He wanted happy and joyful look but still to represent proffesional musician.

    The first idea that popped in my mind was "g" letter in shape of a violin key.
    From that idea I started the quest for the perfect type which will represent the professional and look natural with this unusual "g".
  • The whole name seemed too long standing in one line so I played with "M.Vollinger"  but either the type didn't work well or the curly M (below) wasn't recognizable.
  • I knew that placing name and surname one below another will cause trouble with empty spaces and the difference in word-lenght, but I gave it a try. 

    At that moment I came up with idea of making lower end of "g" letter look like "O" in word KOMPONIST (which is misspelled on sketch abowe :) )That seemed interesting at the time but it's illogical to make KOMPONIST bigger than his name.
  • This one finally put a smile on my face. I scanned it and started drawing paths.

    Through many versions I kept having trouble with "r"  in "Vollinger" because it left annoying gap below and on the right. I tried ligatures and curles to fill it somehow but nothing looked right. 

    Than I decided to make it small cap "R" and it worked like a charm!

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