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Mark Gould - Abstract Project 4 - 2012

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  • Late Night Abstract 0664 - Work in progress: consider this part of my sketchbook, not finished yet so just a peek. Also working on frames as part of a video project. I like where it's headed so far. Not printed out, no paint yet. What do you think? I'd like your feedback on my work. Send me an email at mark[at]markgould[dot]net and let me know.
  • Using my style of mixed media, manipulated photographic imagery, sometimes, collage, imagery that is digitally altered countless times beyond recognition then printed out for further work in paint, I've embarked on quite a few satisfying abstract journeys this year. I'd say, loosely speaking, this is one of them, give or take one of the works, the end result at some point will be a "moving image," a moving picture show, a video set to ambient music as have a number of video and installation artists before me. But I don't have near enough frames for that part of the project yet, so, stay tuned.
  • The abstract project continues on a satisfying path this fall, interacting between the digital and the analog, back and forth. I find myself in quite a chaotic but productively interactive process where the workflow has me taking a photo of a sketch, grabbing that into the computer, doing something with that, printing it out, doing something with that, scanning it back in and so forth. Who knows what is digital and what is analog? I'll be writing about that in depth at some point; in the meantime, now's the time for the work.
  • Being a writer, a lifelong student of art, art history, media, media theory and a few other subjects, there is quite a bit of theory behind my work. When I can actually discipline my workload and tear myself away from the artwork itself, I'll be writing about it in depth. In the meantime, I can at the least put up links of interest. For those who might be interested there is fertile ground in the fields of media theory, aesthetics, art theory, and, well even quantum physics that apply to the work I do, as does many artists working today. While I thoroughly enjoy representational work, I'm finding increasing fulfillment in abstract work, "Pictures of Nothing,"
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