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Macbook iPhone Charger / Prototype Idea

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    Throughout the 10 years that I have spent in the advertising industry, I have also developed ideas beyond advertising. Product ideas, innovation ideas, short film scripts, stories, poems.
    But there's one that really pisses me off until today: the WC that runs on used water from the sink.
    I had that idea 9 years ago when I moved to Madrid. I remember I told the idea to all my friends, my family, my boss. They all loved it. But I did nothing with it.
    From time to time, I used to remember about the idea and feel excited again.
    But every time happened the same thing: I did nothing with it.
    Until a few years later, when I read the news of a group of Spanish designers who had the same idea, but did something with it. They sold it to Roca, who payed them a nice summ of money and started mass producing this special WC.
    Yesterday, when I was walking by the Roca Gallery Store in Madrid, I decided that I would never leave an idea undone again. I promise myself I would, at least, create a prototype, post the idea in a blog or something.
    So here's the first one. 
    If you find it interesting or you want to make it for real, don't hesitate to write me.
    We can do it together. 
    In the end, ideas are nothing if we don't do something with them.
    T H E   I D E A

    To put the technology of the contact mobile charger inside the Macbook Pro.

    H O W   I T   W O R K S

    It's simple.
    You put your iPhone on your Mac and with the contact charger technology, it will start charging your smartphone's battery instantly.

    A N D   H O W    I T    S H O U L D   L O O K
    As simple as this.