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    Outskirts of New Haven, CT

    The rays from the blinding, mid-afternoon sun slanted in through the window of the black Citroen DS as it wound through the Polish countryside. It was 2:45 in the afternoon, and they had been tailing the green Land Rover for hours.
    A dark man, Maxime Brunerie, lit a clove cigarette in the back seat of the Citroen, recounting the day’s events. Turn after turn, the target had refused to give up the fight. But the outcome would be the same, no matter how hard he tried. The notes that Maxime had on the subject were extensive – including the man’s photo, place of birth, entire work history, awards, top-secret research – basically anything the subject ever saw, did, said, heard, ate, or breathed.
    The dark man leafed through the notes thoughtfully, which carried the name Alfred Bendek at the head of each page. He stopped to read a page or two in detail, and then closed the leather folder which was embossed with a seal – a circle encompassing a cross and dove. 

    He doesn’t even realize how pointless his struggle is. There is no way he can ever win.
    Maxime peered around the head of his driver to make sure they were maintaining a perfect distance. The target turned quickly into an entrance ramp, which made him take notice. They had been very careful to maintain their distance, but this sudden move made Maxime concerned that they had been spotted.
    “Subject 27 is getting on the interstate,” squawked a radio.
    The car began to accelerate in response. The dark man quickly put his hand on the shoulder of his driver.
    The driver grunted in affirmation and laid off the gas. Maxime looked around at his men, who were looking sharp in their matching black silk suits and shades, busily studying a variety of digital instruments.
    “He’s heading to the motel,” squawked the radio.

    After hours of driving, the target finally stopped at a curb near the motel. An older gentleman descended from the vehicle, surrounded by his security team. Maxime smirked with smug satisfaction as he watched the old man look cautiously around the area, clearly in a state of concern.
    You and I both know your death is at hand. 

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