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  • - LET'S MATH -
    - is an educative, Flash based app about learning mathematics, (both for Android / IOS platform) and it is dedicated to: 1. children (age of 8 and 9, that is 2nd grade) - to learn and understand math;  2. parents - to experience math content with their children; 3. teachers - to explain the content better and connect with exact example via more attractive and embracing learning tool; The experience is organized as exploration, or quest of the magical Math kingdom, where each task is a part of specific math topic hidden behind "the real ife situation" and example. User (child) can experience the mathematical tasks freely without any pre-organized guidance, entering and exiting the tasks whenever he /she wishes for. Even tough, this is by all means a game, it's goal is to serve the purpose of a learning tool, so user can also experience the "real lesson" behind every task, more interesting and detailed info about every mathematical topic. What makes this "game" different than any other is above all a) an implementation of teacher's role within the narrative (Zs. Ruttkay's concept and idea); b) simplicity of its structure and design - making it very useful for efficiant learning; c) possibility of fast and easy editing of the content; d) platform where teachers, parents and developers can participate in its creation simultaneously;
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  • - Learning by connecting Math's problems with real life situations : Socks... -
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  •  - Lesson behind every task - 
  • - And more information bout it -
  • - Deep methodological, pedagogical, psychological research
    as the foundation of the project -
  •  - Dedicated to children age 8, but also their teachers and parents -
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