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Last Year - Art Installation

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  • Last Year
  • 'Last Year' is an interactive augmented reality art installation done as part of an artisit residency at the EPFL+ECAL lab in Switzerland.
    The instillation combines photography and animation with augmented reality technologies.

    The installation showcases a fabricated archive of objects, found among a woman named Sarah belongings. Photographs, postcards letters and more, all kept as objects of memory. The viewer is invited to look at these objects through the medium of augmented reality and see how, the photographs, postcards and objects come to life and tell Sarah's story.

    The project examines the marriage of digital technologies with physical objects of memory in a time that they are slowly losing their place in society. In addition it looks at a different way of storytelling without a specific guideline or linear base.
  • Exhibition, 'Gimme More' Eyebeam, N.Y, February 2013
  • Exhibition, 'Gimme More' Eyebeam, N.Y, February 2013
  • Exhibition, 'Gimme More' Eyebeam, N.Y, February 2013
  • Exhibition, 'Gimme More' Eyebeam, N.Y, February 2013
  • Layout
  • Design

  • Inspiration
  • The project was inspired by my grandmother Neomi.
    She lived alone for many years after her husband passed away,  In her last 10-15 years of life she discovered her love for photography and became somewhat of an obsessive photographer. The new hobby seemed to fill her up with vitality and a new approach to life. In every family occasion she would make us pose for her to take our photographs. We would put on our smiles and stand near the flowers in the back yard, silently, trying to be patient, until she felt she got the right shot. She would also go by herself on organized trips around the world to exotic places, taking numerous shots of the landscapes. Later she would frame all her photographs, the family’s and the landscape and hung them up on the walls of her living room in different sections, until you could almost not see the washed out wallpaper behind it. 
    After her death her apartment was put up for sale. My parents told me that I should go there and take what ever I want. Going through her things, standing in her living room, surrounded by all these carefully staged family photos on one hand, the vast landscapes on the other hand I discovered another photographed world hidden in the living room drawers, the past. Carefully organized in shoeboxes were photos of her life as a young woman, a lover, a mother. I think I’ve never been to a room with so many photographs.
    After this experience I couldn’t help but thinking about the place that the photographs played in her life. Were they pieces of reality for her? Mannikins in her one sided dialogues? Did she feel that she was living a better life by owning them? Did they keep her company in her long hours alone in the flat?  

  • Process
  • Photoshoot.
  • Creating Imagery and Animations., and having the software learn them.
  • Sourcing vintage frames and objects and incorpurating the new Images.
  • Building the Instillation and construction:
     The objects are placed in a museum like display; Camera's are hidden in lamps hangged from above.
    Later this format was tested with a live audiance during an exhibiton in Switzerland.
  • Place
  • Credit List:
    Photography, Design, Concept, Animation: Liron Kroll
    Creative direction: Cem Sever
    Styling: Minna Attala
    Creative concultence and production assitant: Akhila Krishnan
    Actors: Nicolas Leoni, Nathalie Overson