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  • Samsung wanted a full blown campaign for their new line of LED TVs in 2010. I did allot of exploration. At first I wanted to focus on the thinness of the TV, using the linear qualities to show both action and depth. The adlobs were pretty. I then re-visited a branding option I had come up with earlier, magical realism. Since our GCD, at the time came up with hyperreal, I thought, what about updating reality itself as a campaign, marketing across all channels to show our universe being upgraded to a hyperreal ultra colorful and deep in a subtle, magical way. The term hyperreal that led me to think of Star Treks holodeck which led to an installation idea. Imagine, 6 walled room made of LED TVs. You could play an immersive game, travel to another time or place or just chat with someone across the globe.

    More brainstorming led me to the idea of using the TVs as sculptural installation pieces that would augment reality, imposing a fantasy through the window of the TV. The trick is to film footage on site, go into post and insert a monster or whatever, then, with the TV installed on the side of a building, park or wherever, it gets played back as people gather and enjoy. The idea behind this happening is that the picture is so lifelike that it acts as a window, a window into our collective imaginations.
  • The idea behind this is that a scene would be filmed then in post, a magical experience would be inserted, then the TV would be put in the environment where it was filmed. This would give the illusion that Samsung makes the ordinary, extraordinary.
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