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  • LC 1248 
    Spacial Metamorphosis

  • Spacial Metamorphosis

    Over one hundred square meters -total surface of the remodeled LC1248 apartment by Ricardo Agraz-, architecture, art, design and photography have come together to explore all the possible variations of this space.
    The result brought a rich series of versions, or else, spatial metamorphosis acheived by the replacement of objects and the renewal of light design, which then again created unique and differentiated atmospheres. Architecture, hence, became scenery, whereas art and design, the characters of meaning.
    Therefore, combining architectural distribution and creative practice gave out a set of variables where spatial characteristics can change and exchange according to the placing of art work and furniture.
    Furthermore, with the idea of surpassing simple habitability limits, showing the peacefull coexistence of the diverse roles and enhancing space and budget shortage, there was an evident contrast between housing production and life scenery creation.
    The rationed surface of LC1248 was optimized, becoming the platform for every single one of the aesthetic expressions in order to let them carry on a shared dialogue, this is, one does not stand above the other, while each one is necessary to hold it through.
    In this exercise, which was later on named Spatial Metamorphosis, the set of probabilities was captured in images where the individual and groupal artistic capacities were presented as an existing collision of creativity. Architecture, art, design and photography, portraited in order to leave the evidence of it’s very own reason to be.

  • LC1248

    Guadalajara, Mexico

    Project: 2007
    Work: 2008

    Agraz Arquitectos S.C.
    Ricardo Agraz

    Industrial design
    Cubo 3
    Alejandro Flores
    Carlos Ruiz
    Hector Navarro
    Hector Mendoza
    Cubo 3

    Fernando Sandoval, paintings
    Adrian Guerrero, ceramics
    Hector Navarro, sculpture

    Pablo Guerrero

    Mito Covarrubias

    Remodeled area: 100 M2