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Jackson N Lee

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  • This is a logo that I created for Jackson N Lee. After a lot of research and preliminary sketches I decided to go with this one. The shape of a record with a conjunction of the the initials of the business.
  • This is the final design that the client chose. The client wanted a rainbow and the tagling "a culture of love" to be on the front. They wanted to have the rainbow because it expresses diversity. I incorporated the idea of a rainbow and multi colorful with what I thought would communicate production company. The result was a colful tagline and music notes that communicate the idea of being a rainbow with motion and color. THe motion of the music notes form an arc. 
  • This is the other side of the card. all important information is centered and the size follows a sort of big small pattern with every other line of font being eithre large font or regular font. At the bottom are the skillset and specialties of the company. 
  • This is the same side of the card with an option in white with black letters instead of black with white letters. 
  • Here are some previous designs mainly focusesd on the company name and tagline that helped the client come to their decision. 
  • Here are some other designs that were also presented as an option to the client. Here the logo is essentially the name of the company. The multicolorness of the name on a black background really causes the name of the company to be emphasized.
  • This is a better view of the first card in the previous image. "A culture of love" has very interesting letterspacing and attention is emphasized a little more than readability. The interesting letterspacing makes it so you look at it then want to read it. 
  • This is the final design that was chosen.