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Innovational museum-laboratory

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  • Innovational museum-laboratory
    Diploma project
    Participant of world's best architecture diploma project competition.
  • Recommendations 

    It would be desirable to recommend to spend further not preventive repairs of the facades, which are here of constructions, but their restoration. It seems insufficient and restoration of separate buildings of monuments, having the status, but the same steadfast attention demand to itself and the structures, which yet do not have this document. A little perspective the putting in order of only architectural volumes, but what we need is  a correction of surrounding territory, at least according to architectural shape of a building, it appears, is, taking into consideration impossibility of restoration of former farmstead court yard with their gardens. Hardly all it can be carried out if not to approach to a problem completely and in a complex and not to consider all territory analysis as historical and cultural uniform structure. At last, at construction of new buildings or any other objects in the nearest territory it is necessary to consider a historical saturation of the site and it till now the kept stylistic consistency. We assume that introduction of new objects is useful, because what it is necessary for territory  not only preservation, but prospect about further development, lasting process in a life that was peculiar to all centuries-old evolution of a site and that, we hope, is confirmed by its analysis.
  • There is a requirement for a construction of an innovative museum-laboratory for a long time in the ancient Russian town on the Volga. This requirement, which quite possible to consider as the social order became even more actual current year, in a view of   city  millennium  (because Yaroslavl,  as archeologists believe, has been based in 1010). Necessity for formation of new museum spaces into historical city centre is caused also by transfer of the museum buildings to the Russian orthodox church. However, there is one more reason which is represented as far more global. Unfortunately,  the current state of museum business, the form of exposition organization and material representation at whole  do not correspond to museum`s standards which are accepted  in the European Union countries and the USA. A museum in Russia today  is   a trample place for teenagers and child,  who are driven here usually by school teachers (which themselves have vague idea about sense of action).
    If we add provinciality, snobbery, almost universal inadequacy, incompetence and the obscurantism of many museum inspectors to this circumstance we will receive an unattractive picture of an average russian museum.
    To understand, why people ignore visiting such place it is enough simply to visit any museum.
    So, I decided to bring something new to this business.
  • Explosion-scheme, 
    in which employees and visitors to the museum share their impressions about the object

    1. Sidor Spiridonovich, the intelligent yard keeper and the watchman in combination:
    How beautifully here, to tell you the true. It is often happened that you wake up at night, rise on a roof and such a view around... Well is  it  fine? (Drops avaricious tear)

    2. Omar  Ibragimovich, the owner of cafe: 
    It was my father who has put me here. I did not wish to take this cafe. Well there is nothing to catch here, thought, so the pair of tourists a day will come. And so? It`s ok here,  we beat off our tax and still remains a little for life.

    3. Kaya Nikolaevna, the curator of an exhibition: 
    It is such a pleasure to work here! I have visited so many halls, but here convenience are really exclusive. And, apparently, these transformed partitions  and a free lay-out are not an innovation at  all, but how seldom we can meet this in reality. I could embody all my ideas in this hall.

    4. Nikolay, the barman. 
    Nikolay thinks and is silent, as it is usually peculiar to the decent barman.

    5. Nina and Karina, sisters-spupils: 
    Oh, and it is a museum? Hi-hi, and we have not noticed that this is  a three-storyed building! Every week we come here to shirk mathematics, and, by the way, coffee here are so tasty, hi-hi-hi!

    6. Elena Andreevna, the manager: 
    When I have learnt, that a new separate building for a museum is under construction, I at first have not believed. Well who now want to put  tremendous means in a museum? However, obviously, there were such people, and I am very grateful to them. The building is very compact but, despite the small area, is sated by various functions and well equipped. And now I go to my working place with a great pleasure!

    7. Cyril Mefodievich, the senior scientific employee: 
    It seems to me that I have at least  tolerable conditions for researches, yes. Ммм... Very much even, yes. Ммм... (Has reflected)

    8. Facade illumination
    Facade illuminationis a subject inanimate and cannot speak. But if could, would tell a lot of interesting about how light changes, depending on instructions of the program.
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