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  • character Artist
    08AM [OBAM Park]
    SOLO Exhibition
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    Indie + Visual is SOLO show concept.
    i will try Expression, thinks, emotion, and about character contents.
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    Is in artwork progress
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    Artwork by 08AM [OBAM Park]
  • Empty 
    Acrylic painting on canvas_2013 / 795(mm) X 1162(mm)
    have the feeling in the air.
    empty more empty mind.
  • Meet you
    Acrylic painting_2013 / 1165(mm) X 795(mm)

    My mind is full to nostalgic for you.
    Family, Love, friend...
    if i meet you, I wonder in my face.
    I cry?.. I don't know it..
  • Get tangled_2013
    Acrylic painting / 910(mm) X 1167(mm)
    i was think about relationship of people.
  • Every day
    Mixed Media on Paper 2013 / 1303(mm) X 805 (mm)

    I feel energy in the morning. 
    at afternoon i've no spirit.
    and, in night, i worried next day.
    every day every day...

    maybe, fri, sat, sunday...?
  • Against be loved..
    pen / water color on paper 334mmX243mm
    Love, but pursue different values​​.
  • symbol of the capitalism._2013
    Mixed Media on Paper 610 X 910(mm) 2013 

    Gargamel is appeared suddenly in smurf village is a new person was not before.
    Trying new things to make inroads for the benefit of their environment that existed.
    He does not choose the means and methods for the purpose.
    Action to get rid of the Smurfs, trying to account for its environment, that would be.
    I thought I would equate dominance with him and capitalism.
    Market (environment) and the labor force is what you want him, (smurf).
    I think this is the same as the encroachment of capitalism
    to the environment without choose the means and methods.
    I expressed that way so Gargamel.
  • King Bowser_2013
    Mixed Media on Paper 610 X 910(mm)

    We have not been able to escape,
    Trapped in a small room.
    Really struggled with infinite pain, always had to live.
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    Design by 08AM
    SEOULMONZ X 08AM  Collaboration TOY
  • Graphic Design, use Illustrator 
    Front and back
  • TOY / 08AM LOGO / Wrap Sticker Design
    use Illustrator
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    Introduce CA(kr) Collection 09
    2013 Highlight Artist
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