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Imperial Saints

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  • This is a series of prints featuring various patron saints of the various divisions of the Galactic Empire.

    I prefer the more faceless characters, as they are easier to apply their own stories and histories to the already massive Star Wars mythos.
    Prints available here
  • Icon of Saint SK-387, patron saint of stormtroopers, martyred in service to the Galactic Empire while serving aboard the first Death Star.
  • Icon of Saint RE-931, patron saint of Biker Scout troopers, martyred by savages during the Battle of Endor.
  • Icon of Saint HN-214, patron saint of TIE Fighter pilots, martyred in service to the Galactic Empire while pursuing Rebel terrorists through an asteroid field.
  • Icon of Saint CE-961, patron saint of Snowtroopers, who died from exposure to extreme cold during the Battle of Hoth.
  • Icon of Saint VC-119, patron saint of AT-AT crews, martyred in service to the Empire during the Battle of Hoth when his walker was destroyed by enemy speeders.
  • Icon of Saint TR-752, patron saint of Sandtroopers, martyred in service to the Empire when he was trampled by banthas on Tatooine.
  • Icon of Saint NT-364, patron saint of Imperial Navy troopers, martyred in the destruction of the Super Star Destroyer Executor.
  • Icon of Saint EG-750, patron saint of AT-ST drivers, martyred when his AT-ST was crushed by logs during the Battle of Endor.
  • Icon of Lord Darth Vader, who gave his life so that the people of the galaxy could live on.
  • Icon of Saint RG-519, patron saint of the elite Imperial Royal Guards, martyred while aboard the second Death Star in direct service to Emperor Palpatine.