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Illustrations from "Jaguareté - O Encontro"

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  • "Jaguareté - O Encontro" is a project developed by MAE UFPR (Archaeology and Etnology Museum of Federal University of Paraná) that consists in a RPG book based on the mithology, culture and history from Brazil around 1500, when the Europeans "discovered" the lands of Brazil and knew the people who lived there. The book was entirely developed by the Museum, including the rules and the RPG system, and I took care from the editorial design and part of the illustrations. Here I present some Illustrations that I made for this book.
  • "Guará"
  • "Jacaré" (Cayman)
  • "Jaguatirica"
  • "Lobo-Guará"
  • "Peixes brasileiros" (Brazilian Fish)
  • "Piranha"
  • "Raposa dos Pampas"
  • "Gralha-Azul"
  • "Anjo" (Angel)
  • "Jurupari"
  • "Jiboiaçu"
  • Vehn-Kuprig-Koreg (Evil Spirits)
  • "Kraken"
  • "Serpente Marinha Cabeça-De-Cavalo" (Cadborosaurus, A.K.A Sea Serpent)
  • "Peixe-Bispo" (Bishop-Fish)
  • "Arraia" (Manta)
  • "Poraquê" (Eletric Eel)
  • "Aldeia Guaianás" (Guaianás' Village)
  • "Redução Jesuítica" (Jesuit Village)
  • "Aldeia Tupinambá" (Tupinambá's Village)