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Illustrated Book Jacket Design : Tunnel Vision

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  • Book: Tunnel Vision 
    Author: Shandana Minhas
    The Brief
    The brief of this assignment was to select a novel of our choice and create two book jackets for it. One based on our minor course which was Illustration in my case and the other based on our major course which was 
    graphic design / typography.

    I love this book and luckily got a chance to share my version of the cover with Shandana Minhas, the author of this book and this is what she had to say 

    "Tell Wajeeha I think her vision of the cover is brilliant and I wish I could wave a pointy stick and replace every Tunnel Vision cover currently in existence with it .. 
    It is heartening to see such good work coming out of an IVSAA student ;) "

    In the book, Karachi is presented as an important character itself. Karachi is vibrant, energetic, playful and sometimes angry. I tried to capture the essence of it in my illustration. Each scene reflecting common sites in the city. The screaming advertising billboards, the food vendors, the policewalas, the decorated rickshaws and overcrowded buses, the double rather triple sawari and the eveyday accidents
    (and one particular accident that takes place in the book)
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    According to the Oxford Dictionary, Tunnel Vision is the loss of peripheral vision with retention of central vision, resulting in a constricted or blurred vision. 
    For this cover, My focus was on the central theme of the story where Ayesha, the protagonist is in coma after a serious accident and looking back at her life in that stage. I wanted to capture that feeling through an optical illusion with type. I experimented with the printing methods and decided to go for UV printing. 
    The text  (title and author's name) on the cover and the spine is done in UV printing
    hence, cannot be viewed in the first go. The negetive space provides a sense of empitness and inanition.
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  • Shandana Mihas is working on her second novel these days.