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ISTD - Motion Graphics Project

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  • For this years ISTD project we were required to design a motion graphics piece no shorter than 30 seconds. We were given five briefs to choose from: 'Mutton Quad', 'On Yer Bike', 'Not Just Fleurons', 'Fakery' and 'Flatlands'. After brainstorming each project I decided to do 'Fakery'.

    The word fake has so much versatility so I found it to be a very open subject with many possibilities. I first
    looked at some of the obvious candidates for the word fake: two faced people, animal camouflage, fake ID's, plastic surgery, etc. While I was looking into the concept of animals using camouflage I suddenly got the
    idea of a metaphorical human camouflage. We tend to fear standing out from the crowd so instead we blend in, we camouflage ourselves. This became the basis of my project.

    I had decided from an early stage what I wanted my video to look like. Being adept in the use of Adobe After Effects, I knew I wanted to develop a kinetic typography piece - a lot of motion, camera movement and driving dialogue to bring the whole thing together. However, as my idea evolved, so did my design. I began incorporating more and more iconography and illustrative elements into my design which complemented the typography well. They also gave the piece a less impersonal feel so the design began to look and sound
    a little less factual. I then added a voice-over with backing music which really brought my vision to life.

    I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. I developed a concept that is intriguing and well fleshed out, and
    constructed an impressive motion graphics design that catches the eye and illustrates the ideas of the concept concisely.