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I-ON 01 Graduation Motion - The 4 Universes

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  • The 4 Universes
  • I-ON or simply known as ION, is from a scientific term for an atom or molecule. Like ions, ION is a result of bonding of 39 charged Designers, each possesses an attribute. Different yet unique, we created connections that link us together. As how a puzzle is solved, ION is when everything connects and becomes one.

    Nonetheless, regardless our connections and attributes, we are yet perfected; as one only possess the main pieces of a puzzle and as ion standalone not bonding with others.

    To be complete, we need to bond with others; to gather all the missing pieces, that is something only people can do.

    Forming a universe of infinite possibilities, when every piece is united, nothing is impossible.

    All it takes is just one small step for ‘them’ to make and to bond with us, a boundless universe will be created.
    ION@2012. All RIghts Reserved. Credits to Vincent Ho for the extensive description. 
    Content concept:
    The usage of textual content such as Initializing, Stabilizing, the numbers and calculations talks about the relation of progress of development of each of us (graduates). This development refers to how much we have improved throughout our time in the college and how we are now ready to face the future.
    The unleash of ion particles effect at the end symbolizes each of us, and how we are moving forward towards our future in our own paths.
    Illustration - They are represented by water. They are flexible, and artistic in the way that they handle their media very carefully and fluidly to create beautiful and stunning masterpieces.  
    Advertising & Graphic Design - They are represented by papers and how papers are relative to the process of delivering & creating great ideas and is a part of the grand process of the printing world. 
    Digital Animation - They are represented by power core which integrated their understanding of the 3-Dimensional environment as well as their detailed understanding in the technical part of an object.
    Multimedia Design - They are represented by digital shield which highly involves protection but yet in a conserving manner and as well as integrating all of this through the interaction and communication with the people and its environment. 
    Music Credit
    The American Dollar - 01 - Age Of Wonder (Atlas)
    SFX Credit
    Starcraft 2
    Disclaimer statement: The sound and music used in the motion graphic is for college purposes as a part of the graduation feature. The particular project will not be distributed or to be use in commercial or advertisements. It is strictly for personal use of graduation only.
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