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Hunger Task Force (Alternative)

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  • Don't Let Hunger Be Invisible
    Alternative Campaign for Hunger Task Force
  • A campaign exploring different methods of advertising including print ads, bilboard ads, web banner ads, and social media. In this version of the Hunger Task Force campaign, I attempted to push each medium beyond the typical and expected. I used the idea that hunger is an invisible problem as an inspiration to take each ad to the next level and make the user interact with each ad in a new and innovative way.
  • Print Ads:
    A water mark is used to make readers stop and wonder what is being hidden. When they interact with the ad and hold it up the the light, the invisible problem of hunger is revealed.
  • Bilboard Ad:
    This bilboard uses water activated ink. The problem is invisible in sunlight, but when it rains the blue ink activates and shows the problem. Commuters going by this ad in sunlight will wonder what it is that is that is hiding in this ad, only to be revealed when they drive by in the rain.
  • Web Campaign:
    These banner ads are interactive. The first is placed at the top of a page between the address bar and the content, forcing people to scroll over it. At first it appears blank, but when the users mouse goes over the bar, and there is a "scratch-off" sound and effect. Only a portion of word HUNGER is shown, encouraging people to uncover the invisible problem of hunger.

    The second ad is covered in food, and is placed on the side of the page beside the scroll bar. When the user mouses over the ad the food moves away from the mouse. The food not only hides the invisible problem of hunger, but also will show how for many, food is simply out of reach. When they push all the food off the ad, it uncovers the invisible problem and the call to action.
  • Social Media Campaign:
    Using Farmville on Facebook to promote the issue of hunger. Selling "canned" seeds is both whimsical and poignant being a non-perishable food good. Buying canned seeds online translates into real donations for the Hunger Task Force.