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  • HomeIQ is an application connected to a home automation system, controlling sensors that measure outdoor lighting conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as an alarm system that will keep track if someone is home or not.
    The user will be able to make from simple to complex settings such as setting default actions, use sensors for automated system behavior or set specific actions and time intervals according to his/her needs.
    My focus was on providing a flexible interaction that will fit the users mental models in relation to a variety of needs using Aesthetic of Interaction principles such as "freedom of interaction", "forgiveness" etc. Furthermore, the interface intends to bring the user to reflection regarding energy consumption by encouraging him/her to go through all rooms.
    Gesture pack:
  • Temperature
  • Time intervals and outdoor temperature sensor constraints are initially turned off in order to reduce visual and cognitive load, providing the user a simple default temperature control.
  • You can choose to display a graph that represents energy or budget consumption according to made changes.
  • Pinch the room to have a general defaults overview of all rooms.
  • Swipe right to reveal the presets panel. Swipe left or right inside the room to change rooms.
  • Turn on the "exterior temperature as constraint" option. Here you can set the outdoor temperature as a limit and assign a new temperature for it.
  • Turn on the "time intervals" option to create more specific actions and schedules.
  • In this scenario the user selected specific days and a temperature valid between 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM.
  • Create a new preset by tapping on "create preset" or on the add butcon on the presets panel. 
  • Give a name to the created preset.
  • Tap "Done" and the settings you created will be added to the preset.
  • Here the user selected a different day with a specific time interval and temperature. The system allows up to three time intervals for a day. 
    "Add to preset" option allows the user to add different settings to the same preset.

  • Lights
  • As the Temperature, the Lights section starts with the basic controls for connected lights.
  • Turn on the sensors option. Here you can select the alarm sensors: "home" / "away"(someone is home / no one is home) and outdoor light sensors: dawn, daylight, dusk, night.
  • As an example, here the user selected to turn on the main light on weekdays at dusk when someone is home.
    You can of course select only the light sensor having the light turned on at dusk or select only the alarm sensor having the light turned on when someone is home.
  • Make schedules using specific time intervals.
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • The "blinds & curtains" section keeps the same layout and functionality as the "lights" section, ensuring consistency.
  • Proportions