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  • Holy Trinity

  • Holy Trinity
    On the fast lane to Nirvana.
  • "Holiness by definition is the state of being holy or sacred, and although many of us are familiar with this term, we often don't have the opportunity to see it implemented in everyday life. India, however, is a society in which Holiness is readily common. A typical day in a Hindu household starts with some form of worship to gods and gurus; and most homes or businesses have symbols of worship such as altars and shrines.
    Being that holiness is such an intricate aspect of Hindu culture, it's no surprise that many natural elements other societies deem as common are actually revered as sacred. An array of mountains, trees, and rivers are considered sacred in addition to numerous animals such as the elephant, bull, cow, rat, snake and a few others.
    Furthermore, there are actually many cities in India which are considered to be holy.
    Due to the fact that holiness is so widespread, it's fitting that Hindus strive to become holy and embark on a
    path of spiritual enlightenment. Although enlightenment is a state many Hindus venerate as the most significant goal in one's life, not all achieve it. However, there are some individuals that devote their lives to attaining enlightenment, and they are called the Sadhu, also known as 'holy men'."

    Excerpt from the photo book Namaste India on
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