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  • Höjeå  Wash basin
  • Stop waisting fresh water

    Water has different characters depending on its context. This vision is to capture the feeling of water and its volumes, not just let it run from the water tap to the sewage.

    This is a wash basin called Höjeå (swedish lake).
  • My inspiration came from the old scandinavian wash basin when the water were stored in a pitcher because the lack of todays water pumps and systems. This meant that the water source were limited and didn't go to waste. 

    Since the water source of today feelsalmost unlimited due to the access of it in our modern system we tend to useit more than we need. Our cleaning system is a costly process in order for usto get fresh water. In Scandinavia we are fortunate to have a wellfunction water system and we shouldn't waste that resource and make or othersystems suffer.
  • The wash basin Höjeå brings back the process of collecting water before you use it. In time you will know by the volume how much water you really need. Since no running water feels better than the natural one, the tap ejects water by gravity, perfectly enough water jet to wash ones hands.
    Too enhance the feeling of water being a valuable resource the surface is almost flat which makes the water spread. The experience is equal as to a glass of water being spilled as you realize just how much water it is.
  • As to my inspiration, the wash basin Höjeå is designed to make the user collect the amount of water desired. To collect water one has to push down the transparent cylinder in able to make a vent in the bottom open up and letting the water fill. Once the cylinder is filled with water at desired level one releases the pressure of the cylinder to make it rise again. Now the water can seep out of the cylinder through a small hole in the front.