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Helsinki South Harbour

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  • Helsinki South Harbour – 
    Open International Ideas Competition
  • Thousand Lakes
  • The intention of the project is to transform the port of Helsinki in aliving being, like the marvelous forests of Finland with its huge trees and thousandlakes, like Alvar Aalto use to define his own country... My country is made up of a thousand lakes.... That is why theproject should be read in topographic key, rather than in a constructive one.The land falls gently towards the sea and the creases of his section aregenerated by adapting the different uses that are requested by the program: thetheater with bleachers overlooking the water, the walkways that link togetherthe perimeter walk on becoming a high platform from that, turn around and seethe city, the underground parking (as Jonas in the belly of the whale) or thepassengers terminal at the port opened up to the big boats.
    Just asingle building becomes apparent: the museum is distinguished from the rest ofthe constructions because it has been projected from other codes, not fromnature, but from the right anglewhich is imposed in order to differentiate itself and serve as a counterpointof the rest. A prism of what Norberg Schultze would call "NordicClassicism" almost transparent, so as not to obstruct the view of the seaof ​​existing buildings behind it. Theproject is conceived from the idea of the respect for the place and traditions,understanding that to be timeless architecture should be modern in the time itis produced and executed. If not, architecture is born dead in advance ...

    The competition arises from the totality of the intervention of the entirewaterfront. Our proposal respects scrupulously the urban contest understandingthe intervention as a new layer that is superimposed on the pre-existence andmust become a meeting place for citizens and passersby. The contest is acontest of ideas. If jury positively valued our proposal, we would spend time quantifyingthe work to be carried out.

    Some references are behind our proposal, from the Passenger terminal atYokohama in Japan to the one of Pasaia, in Gipuzkoa (Spain) or the new Opera inOslo. The museum is inspired by the last works of Mies in Berlin (The NewGallery), and by newly opened Museum of the Acropolis in Athens... Howdifficult must be to answer with a modern building to the in heritagepatrimony!
  • South Harbour competition website:
  • Overview of the sector in which to appreciate the nature'sfingers are close to the sea, like lava from a volcano and cover the passengerterminal on the platform waiting
  • Aerial view with "fingers" in the first place
  • Aerial view with the Museum first
  • Image of the front of the passenger terminal to thesea
  • Platform area outside the Museum and arcades. Inthe background we appreciate the fingers, the bleachers and stage of the openair theater
  • Overview in which to appreciate the nature'sfingers are close to the sea, like lava from a volcano and cover the passengerterminal on the platform waiting
  • Overview highlighting the"fingers", defined as urban landscape, the bleachers overlooking thesea, with the stage flew over the waters and the only apparent building, theMuseum, whose form will be considered in a later time
  • Current view
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